Verod Foundation

Our Commitment to Community and Sustainability​

Verod’s foundation is built upon our community’s needs – we’re firmly rooted in addressing societal challenges. Our commitment goes beyond profit, embracing environmental sustainability, risk reduction, and the creation of equitable societies. Our impact ranges from enhancing literacy and health to alleviating poverty, fostering gender equality, and bolstering food self-sufficiency. This commitment reverberates through our partner companies and the Verod Foundation, initially focusing on local economies and extending across Anglophone West Africa. These strategic areas hold immense potential, fostering a ripple effect of positive change within our communities.

Empowering Education and Women

Our flagship program involves adopting schools and engaging volunteers in our Literacy Program that enhances comprehension and critical analysis skills. Annual school-wide events include the widely acclaimed spelling bee, debate contest, and essay competition. We mentor students, bridging the gap through exposure and guidance. Verod Foundation collaborates with organizations like Junior Achievement Nigeria, United Way Greater Nigeria, and others to elevate educational outcomes. Our initiatives span mentorship, reading clubs, quizzes, tuition support, writing competitions, and more, shaping holistic growth.

Environmental Responsibility and Empowerment

We embrace a conscious approach to safeguarding the environment, nurturing corporate-level practices that translate into impactful actions. Initiating a no single-use plastic policy, we’ve eradicated disposable water bottles from our offices, fostering a culture of reuse and sustainability. This ethos extends to our partner companies. For instance, Tangerine, a financial services partner, echoes our practices and promotes plastic recycling. Our mission remains steadfast: to broaden horizons, inspire excellence, and effect meaningful change.

Join Us in Building a Better Tomorrow

Are you passionate about making a difference? Join the Verod Foundation in creating a lasting impact. Let’s work together to empower education, promote gender equality, and foster sustainability. Reach out to us today to become a part of our journey toward a brighter future.


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